Vampire Facelift – Platelet Rich Plasma (P.R.P.) 
Single Treatment £150 
Course of 3 Treatments £400 
Maintenance Treatment £120 
Full face P.R.P. includes face and eyes, injections of your own P.R.P. in conjunction with dermaroller treatment. 
Dermal Fillers (cost per syringe) 
Lip Enhancement £220 
Tear Trough £230 
Cheek Enhancement £250* 
*£450 for 2 syringes. Discounts on additional syringes only apply when used during the same session 
Botox Anti Wrinkle Injections 
Three areas £200 - £250 
Gents £250 - £270 
Cosmetic Peels 
Treatment £130 including skincare 
Up to 4 weeks aftercare included with Cosmetic Peels 
P.D.O. Threads ‘Filler’ 
For longer lasting results – ideal for deep forehead lines, frown lines and nasiolabial folds. £150 per thread. 
Semi-Permanent Make-Up 
Microblading £250 
Eyeliner £300 
Eyeliner top and bottom £400 
Lip Liner £300 
Beauty Spot £60 
Medical Tattoo / Tattoo Removal 
Nipple / Aerola reconstruction £POA 
Tattoo Removal (per treatment) £80 
Drip & Chill Lounge (Intravenous Vitamin Treatments) 
Providing I.V. vitamin drips for health and wellness in a social environment 
Booster Shot Glutathoine £60 
B12 Booster (single shot) £60 
All I.V. Drips (single shot) £150 
I.V. ultimate classic, I.V. mood support. I.V. athletic sport, I.V. energy boost, I.V. anti-ageing (baby face), I.V. diet and detox, I.V. immunity, I.V. restoration, I.V. skin whitening, brain health, aches and pains, libido enhancer, hydration. 
5 x shots £600 
Recommended for optimal results over a period of 2 months. Free consultation available. 
Aqualyx® Treatment 
Fat Dissolving Injections 
Treatment £POA 
Ultratherapy® Treatment 
Skin Tightening 
Treatment £POA 
Aesthetics Days / Group Bookings 
Looking for something different to share with friends or colleagues? Perfect for groups of 3 or more clients. Group bookings include a champagne reception plus healthy foods and snacks. Please contact us for prices. Discounts available for group bookings. 

Cosmetic Surgery  

Consultations available with our surgeon.  
Please call 01482 641 636 or 07751 054 145 to find out more about booking appointment slots. 
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