Beautiful semi-permanent make-up by Jan Lloyd, award winning make-up artist with over 20 years of innovation and excellence in micro pigmentation 

Perfectly balanced and shaped eyebrows, a lipstick that stays put and for non-smudge eyeliner, semi permanent makeup is every woman’s answer. 

Eyeliner, Lip Liner & Lip Brush 

Coloured pigments are implanted into the skin to replicate makeup that last 24/7, creating beautiful and fresh makeup looks that last all day every day, slowly fading with time. 
Pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin using a state of the art machine designed specifically for the cosmetic and medical market, which is very different to conventional machines and inks used in regular tattoo clinics. The treatment lasts around 3 years and are carried out in accordance to strict health and safety protocols using single use sterile needle cartridges. 

Eyebrow Micro Blading 

Our most requested treatment - ideal for anyone with little or no eyebrows, over plucked, alopecia or following chemotherapy. Lost definition and colour can be restored with a variety of brow techniques. Hairstroke gives a natural look while powder brows can provide a subtle look. 

Cosmetics training with the finishing touches group 

A training school you can believe in. Train to be a professional semi-permanent make-up artist. “Taster Sessions” available. Enquire about our up and coming dates! 

Tattoo Removal 

Rejuvi tattoo removal is a non-surgical approach, which offers a safe alternative to traditional invasive laser treatment and delivers good results. 
Rejuvi Erase solution is a liquid alternative to laser for slowly removing unwanted tattoos. This one day course will teach you how to remove and/or lighten pigments from the skin for semi permanent makeup and body tattoos in a similar manner as the original tattoo. A typical tattoo removal can be achieved in 4 treatments. Each treatment is usually spaced 8-12 weeks apart. 

“Medical” nipple and areola reconstruction 

Medical tattooing nipple and areola reconstruction treatments provide the final touches to surgical procedures, to give patients a sense of normality. Expert colour matching and placement correct misshapen areolae after surgical procedures. 
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